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Finding healing and becoming whole is possible.

Trauma therapy utilizes a therapeutic modality called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing). It allows a person to heal from trauma or adverse life experiences. EMDR allows healing to occur much as the body heals from physical trauma. If you were to cut your hand, your body would work to close the wound.

However, if there is a foreign object or repeated injury to it the wound would fester and cause pain until it is removed, and the healing could continue. EMDR is much the same. If the brain’s information processing system is blocked or imbalanced by trauma then the emotional wound can fester and cause intense suffering. Once the block is removed then natural healing can occur.


In EMDR by using alternating tapping (bilateral stimulation) while going to a traumatic memory we are able to stimulate the brain to process by focusing attention on external cues to remove the block. Once the block is removed the brain can move toward adaptive healing.


EMDR is not only used for trauma but has also been successful in treating anxiety and panic, phobias, complicated grief, self-esteem, depression, and sleep problems.

EMDR & Trauma Therapy Parry Sound, ON
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