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Couples Counselling in Tiny


Looking for Couples Therapy in Tiny?

At Whole Life Counselling, we understand the importance of nurturing and strengthening relationships. If you are looking for Couples Therapy in Tiny, we are here to provide you with compassionate and supportive guidance. Our experienced therapists are dedicated to helping you and your partner navigate through any challenges you may be facing. We offer a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your feelings, communicate effectively, and work towards a healthier and more fulfilling relationship. Let us help you rebuild trust, deepen your connection, and rediscover the love that brought you together in the first place.

Why Trust Whole Life Counselling - About Us

At Whole Life Counselling, we understand that life can be challenging and it's okay to need someone to lean on. Our founder, Evi, brings a wealth of experience as a psychotherapist, mentor, and business owner. With a background in nursing and a Masters in Divinity and Clinical Counselling, Evi is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and groups navigate through trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. Our team offers a variety of therapy approaches, including AF-EMDR, EFT, CBT, and more, to help clients explore their emotions and manage relationships effectively. By creating a safe, non-judgmental space, we work collaboratively with our clients to identify obstacles, develop coping strategies, and improve overall well-being. Our goal is to see you through your healing journey and empower you to live a fulfilling life. Contact us today to start your path towards healing and growth.

Evi Donevan Psychotherapist

What to Expect from Couples Counselling Services in Tiny

    In couples counselling, you can expect to work towards cultivating shared goals and visions for the future with your partner. By addressing the triggers that cause negative cycles to continue and understanding why you are stuck in them, you can begin to break free from unhealthy patterns. Through open communication and a deeper understanding of each other, you can build a more meaningful and connected relationship. Couples therapy is not just for times of crisis, but can also be a proactive way to maintain closeness and prevent future conflicts. By learning strategies to keep your connection intact, you can strengthen your bond and create a more fulfilling partnership for the long term.

About Tiny, Ontario


Tiny, Ontario is a small community located on the shores of Georgian Bay in Simcoe County. Originally settled by the Wendat First Nations, it was later established as a township in the early 19th century. Today, Tiny is known for its picturesque beaches, including Balm Beach and Bluewater Beach, which attract visitors during the summer months. The township also boasts a number of parks and conservation areas, such as Awenda Provincial Park and Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area, providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and wildlife viewing. With a population of just over 11,000 residents, Tiny offers a quiet and laid-back atmosphere for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.


What if we don't feel comfortable with our therapist?

If you're uncomfortable with your therapist, it's important to discuss this openly as your comfort is crucial to the success of therapy. If issues persist, it may be beneficial to switch therapists.

How does couples counseling differ from individual therapy?

Couples counseling focuses on the relationship dynamics and involves both partners, whereas individual therapy focuses on the personal issues of one individual. Both types of therapy can complement each other, depending on the couple’s needs.

How do I schedule an appointment at WLC?

Appointments can be scheduled via phone, email, or through our website, providing flexible options for our clients.

Does WLC offer therapy for teenagers?

WLC offers therapy tailored for teenagers, focusing on issues like self-esteem, peer relationships, and family dynamics.

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